5 Easy Ways to Earn Quick Money

5 Easy Ways to Earn Quick Money


Looking for some fast cash during this festive season? Alas, you have arrived at the right post. Here we will be discussing the small bursts of capital and Non of millions of dollars. The amount to satisfy your monthly needs or will help you earn some extra pocket money.

Here are the Top 5 ways to earn cash in a short span of time:

  1. Paid surveys online

Before you trust a website, make sure it has a security badge like Norton and McAfee at the homepage of that website. This privacy feature ensures that the sites are good to go. Once you have decided the website, register as a member and remember not to pay anything for registration.

After becoming a member, you will go through email verification. This is done by the survey panel only to avoid spanners. The site will start emailing you regarding the surveys and you then have to complete them within the given time. Furthermore, grab every opportunity to earn reward points.

Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Mysurvey, Ipos iSay, Pinecone Research, E-Poll Market Research, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, Harris Poll Online, Wonder, Global Test Market, and American Consumer Opinion are few good online survey websites that are reliable.


  1. App or Website Reviews

If you have a command on a language, don’t put your talent to waste. Rather turn it into an opportunity and start earning. One of the best and easiest ways is to start writing reviews for various products and apps. There are some websites that help you in making money while writing reviews on different kinds of products like books, movies, electronics, clothes, software and everything in between.

  • Vindale Research brand itself as “Get Paid to Review” and this site is more of a cashback site than a straight paid review site. You get cash points for shopping online through their site. Expect up to $75 for the reviews.
  • Software Judge is a site where you write reviews for the software. If you can manage to write detailed reviews, the site can pay you well. You may get up to $50 per review.
  • Crowdtap is a company that works with some well-known brands like Mc Donalds, Neutrogena and Folger’s. You have polls, photo missions, and text mission during the online surveys.

Other sites include Influence Central, Modern Mom, Socialist, Get Reviewed, BrandBacker, ValuedVoice, and Slicethepie.


  1. Play Money Games

If you love playing games, then this one is for you. With the advent of the technologically inclined digital era, play games for cash concept have become exciting. You can earn money as you play games online. It feels amazing if you are rewarded for your time and efforts.

  • Wealth Words – The free online crossword puzzles can be played to get the best puzzling experience. The value-added benefit of the game is the cash prize it offers its players is up to $2500.
  • Exodus 3000 – The multiplayer game allows the player to explore the Martian surface and build an alliance to destroy the enemy. No need to install any software. Sign up and start playing right away! While playing the game, you can earn Mars Dollars for attacking players and mining volcanoes. Moreover, you meet new people in the chatroom and the forum.
  • Second Life was established in 2003 and since then the pioneering virtual world has been enjoyed by millions of people and billions of dollars have been transacted among players in its economy. The virtual world game was developed and owned by San Francisco based firm Linden Lab.
  • Ozone Play – Download the app and start playing for free. They also give $5 to only try their competition. They deposit the cash that you win in their Ozone play account. But you can withdraw the money anytime you want.


  1. Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube has been lucky enough to fall under Google’s umbrella. Everyone will agree that YouTube is undoubtedly one of the largest video platforms in the world. Innumerable YouTubers have managed to earn millions of dollars. If those people fascinate you and you feel you have in you, you can also go for it. Whatever video you upload make sure it is copyright free and of high quality.

Being the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube is the third most visited site visited after Google & Facebook. Approximately 500 hours of videos are uploaded on it every minute and more than 1 billion+ hours of videos are being watched by the viewers in a day and that is way more than Netflix.

There are individuals who are monetizing their YouTube channel every day. And this can happen when you have a good viewership. Ads popping up during the video help you earn real money. You can go for teaching videos, cooking videos, fashion advice, pet videos, comedy, artwork and anything you think will work. It completely depends on the talent that you have.


  1. Blogging

Blogging and paid writing is one of the most reliable sources of income. Are you someone who has a very good command on the language and good vocabulary, paid writing platforms is something you should definitely choose.

You should:

  • Know the writing style
  • Your target audience
  • SEO-writing style
  • Be able to compose simple yet readable content.

Earn money online through writing can be very rewarding only when you know the reliable sites. Paid online writing jobs, Constant Content, Text Broker, Listverse, Bird Channel, B. Michelle Pippin, Bless This List, Cicada, Cooking Detective, Dollar Stretcher, The Escapist, Entelligent, The Layout and Healthy Living are a few paid writing sites. You can pick up work with client or websites having interest you.

Whether it is the end of the month or you are short of cash or you are simply looking for making more money for the weekend, you can choose from the aforementioned sites as that is a really quick way to make money.

Regardless of your circumstances, remember one thing that the source you choose should be reliable. You can go for more than one money making an idea or may stick to just one, the choice is completely yours. Once your income starts to rise, you can take hold of other opportunities as well.